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This article was originally featured in SmartCompany, September 2020. In the recently released Annual CMO Spend Survey for 2020 conducted by Gartner, a leading research and insights advisory, over 400 marketers across the globe were surveyed in order to get a handle on their expectations for the future, and their predicted changes in marketing spend […]



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Not all new ideas need a new brand. How to think strategically about introducing innovation into a brand portfolio to best further objectives and vision. This article originally featured on Entrepreneur, June 2021. One of the most common challenges I see clients wrestling with — from solopreneurs to established businesses — is how to structure […]

Is Launching a New Brand the Right Move for Your Company?


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An external analysis takes stock of the environment your brand is operating in. In this blog, I introduce the strategic management tool called a PESTLE analysis, which helps you break influences down into different areas to identify potential consequences for your business.

A PESTLE is more than a kitchen implement. It’s also a strategic management tool you need to know.


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Abraham Maslow, a psychologist, created the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ to explain core human motivations from as early as 1943 and continued his work on this model throughout his career. The Hierarchy, while not rigidly linear, helps us understand the order in which basic to more complex human needs tend to be a focus for us.  […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs & Archetypes: How These Two Psychological Tools Can Build Powerful Brands



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We’ve all been a victim of it. You take a gander at a competitor or peer’s social feed and think “Wow that’s so cool, I should do something like that”. You hear about their success with a product or service launch and think “I just gotta do that too!”. That my friends, is ‘brand shiny […]

Got A Case Of Brand Shiny Object Syndrome? Here’s What To Do To Avoid The FOMO


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Put simply, brand strategy is a plan for how you will leverage your brand to drive growth in your business. Brand strategy is the insights-led, long-term roadmap for how your brand will make its most potent and meaningful impact – Me. I said that. A good brand strategy is: ⚡️ Focussed on business outcomes. Specifically, […]

What Is Brand Strategy & Why Do I Need One?


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Yes. End of post. Just kidding. But seriously, yes, every business needs a brand (and actually, already has a brand whether they focus on deliberately it or not). A strong brand is essential for standing out from the crowd (i.e. your competitors) as well as connecting and engaging with your audience. It’s what will turn […]

Does Every Business Need A Brand?


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