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Not having a brand-led business strategy is like building a house without a plan. We’ll help you find clarity in strategy and unleash your brand’s competitive advantage. With curiosity, empathy and pop culture references.

I’m the brand and marketing half of Brand-Led.  After 12 years in brand and marketing management for multinational fast moving consumer goods brands, I've been helping B2C and B2B small-medium sized and startups find clarity through brand strategy since 2016.

Hey, I’m Melissa:
Brand & Marketing Strategist

I’m the innovation and sustainability half of Brand-Led.  As a food technologist of over 13 years, with specialist knowledge in innovation and product development across B2C and B2B brands, I now help small-medium sized businesses uncover practical insights, promoting a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Hi, I’m Adam: Innovation & Sustainability Strategist

Brand Led Business transformed us from a non-marketing business to a marketing one. This has resulted in such a customer focus, that it has meant we have picked up our game considerably. And the result? ... a HUGE increase in sales, enquiries and reputation.

For a brand approach that will be

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