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How to identify if your brand values are still guiding your business and how to recalibrate if they’re not. This article originally featured on Entrepreneur, October 2020. If the events of 2020 alone have taught us anything, it’s that businesses can no longer ignore their greater impact on the world and the role they play […]



a woman wearing an apron outside a blue door holding a sign that says "welcome we are open"

It’s a topic that’s getting more traction as more people become more conscious about the way we consume, create and feel about the way we’re marketed and sold to. It’s also gaining more traction as the boiler plate on social issues starts to spill over. There’s an urgency to addressing these issues because we see […]

What Ethical & Inclusive Marketing Is And Why It’s Better For Your Brand

Ethical Marketing

a collection of hand made bar soaps of various colours in a line


Let me preface this by saying, this is an educational exercise and these are my opinions, it’s meant to be fun and a way to demonstrate what a brand is made up of that isn’t actually a logo. So, I’m not going to talk about logos or design in these case studies. Instead, I’m going […]

Business For Good Brand Strategy Case Study: Lush

Ethical Marketing

A black sign being held up in a crowd with white writing "If the climate was a bank you would have saved it already"


None of us operate our businesses in a vacuum. We’re living in a time when the world is breaking – it’s crying out for us to change our ways urgently. But are we really listening? Or are we too busy looking for the usual economic life rafts to pull us out of the recession while […]

Social enterprise isn’t niche – it’s the new norm

Ethical Marketing


a puppet with a red hat and long nose

It happens pretty regularly. There’s a big buzz in online business circles about a too-good-to-be-true bundle of online courses, featuring a round up of (for example) 75 of them from various course creators across the globe. They’re packaged up and sold for the hugely discounted price of $100 (or something like that), to offer immense […]

The Dark Side Of Bundles With Big Discounts: Why They’re Bad For Both Customers And Brands


a brown paper price tag with a white string


The year is circa 1994 and I’m scraping together my pocket money into a coin purse, jamming my helmet on and jumping on my bike to ride to the local milk bar. I’ve got my sights set on a mixed lolly bag that will be sitting at the counter, ready for me. I’m crossing my […]

Why You’ll Only See Round Numbers In My Pricing And Why You Might Want To Consider It Too

Ethical Marketing

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