Understand Climate Change Risks with a Gamified Workshop

A Climate Fresk workshop is for you if:

You have a low understanding of climate change causes and effects.

You're aware there are risks, but want to get clearer about the impacts on your organisation.

You're in the marketing, innovation, research & development, procurement, finance, operations, legal, human resources or engineering team within an organisation.

But getting a handle on the most impactful issue of our time is crucial. Because we can't solve problems we don't understand.

Understanding the risks and effects of climate change will allow organisations to strategise for a sustainable future.

Climate change presents challenges and risks to all businesses, and it's hard to strategise if you can't wrap your head around the problem.

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You're on the executive leadership team or board of your organisation.


You're a professional service provider or an agency.

Climate Fresk Workshops are for:

Using this globally-acclaimed workshop framework and guided by a trained facilitator, you can improve your team's climate literacy in just a few hours. 

You'll join a cohort of over 1 million participants from around the world from large organisations through to grassroots community groups. 

What is Climate Fresk?

1/2 day Workshop

Online or In-Person

Interactive game format

Latest climate change data (IPCC 6th Assessment Report)

Branded resource to refer to afterwards

Climate Fresk is a French NGO who have turned the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 6th assessment report into an interactive game.

It's designed to make climate science accessible, taking you through the causes and effects of climate change.

For 4-7 players

(more facilitators are brought in for larger teams)

After the workshop you & your team will have

a greater understanding about climate change

a visual representation of the interrelated causes and effects

tested your knowledge and assumptions 

a memorable shared experience that will build trust & connection


tailored discussion & resources for meaningful solutions & action in your company

The format was great in being a very visual representation of climate change and being able to clearly see what the big drivers are. 

Melissa’s facilitation was encouraging, thought-provoking and supportive through the scientifically and emotionally challenging content.

Medicines Safety Pharmacist  at Queensland Health

(as individual participant)

What typically comes next after this workshop?

You'll create a common language around risk and strategy to align your organisation towards your vision.

You'll create a strategy that's inspired by data, is anchored on purpose and takes a truly systems-approach.


Risk-Cognisant Scenario Planning

More Robust External Analyses

More Realistic Business Strategy

Revitalised Brand Strategy

Purpose-Aligned Innovation Pipeline


We can help you with any and all of these next steps

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Curious to participate as an individual for your personal understanding?

We're running regular online workshops that you're very welcome to come along to.

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