She is a pleasure to work with, she successfully adapted our thinking and extracted the engagement, understanding and results we were after.

"Melissa provided a level of detail and polish we have not experienced before with other consultants. "

- Lee Hellen, Director, Land Solution Australia

Before engaging Melissa, we felt our brand and collateral was no longer reflecting the changes and evolution of our business over time. 

"Her enthusiasm from day one really made us feel she cared about us and our company, consequently the final product way exceeded our expectations."

- Richard Clarke, CEO, Secret Source

"She brings both discipline and fun to the process. Her tools and resources enable you to thoroughly work through your brand strategy so that you come out the other side with clarity and direction."

- Kate Patsky, Founder, PekoeBrew Tea Company

Melissa is unique. She is a brand strategist that cares deeply about ensuring you create a commercially sound business.

- Alienor Salmon, Founder & Author, Bailando Journey

"Melissa really understood my brand, she was empathetic to my needs and she asked all the right questions."

"I couldn't be more thrilled with the concise insight Melissa was able to offer. Without getting too fluffy, she was able to highlight the strengths of my brand and to suggest some concrete steps to improve. With Melissa's help, I was able to come up with a COVID-19 Marketing Strategy and I feel my brand is stronger than ever."

- Liz Gillooley, Captain, Layla Sailing

I came to Melissa with a business I'd established a year earlier. My main struggle was trying to figure out the image I was projecting. I know the feeling I want my customers to have when looking at my branding, but translating that desire into reality sometimes takes an expert's eye. 

"We worked through our values and branding strategies to create our own branding document to follow going forwards."

- Sandie Jervis, Business Development Manager A1CRM

Working with #MarketingMel was The Best! She helped us hone in on who we are as a business and who our target market is.

She is very hands on and has really kept us on task. Always with a smile on her face and a nerdy joke on stand by.

"It was clear Melissa had taken time to really get to know me and my vision by reviewing all my content before we met. We were able to get straight down to business - Melissa had diagnosed the gaps I needed to close and had an approach and frameworks ready to go for our call. We used every minute of the session productively and I quickly felt a rush of excitement and relief run over me as I realised everything was coming together!"

- Louise Gibson, Strategic Transformation Consultant

After a couple of initial chats, I invested in a 90 minute Brand Decoder Session and it was well worth my time and money. I had already done quite a bit of work on my brand strategy before speaking with Melissa but needed help to stitch it all together in a way that would enable me to consistently communicate with my audience and ensure I could brief a designer to build my brand design collateral in a way that reflects my vision.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Melissa to support you with your brand work. She is a true professional and a pleasure to do business with. Hopefully we get to work together again sometime!

"She does not do this by TELLING you what to do but through ASKING you many questions to help get to the true heart of your vision. Melissa is 100% values-led and has inspired me in so many ways. Her emphasis on ethical marketing is a must-have for any business owner looking to "do the right thing" when it comes to doing" business."


I just completed the Unlock Your Brand Program and fully recommend ANY 1:1 or group engagement with Melissa. Melissa helped me to do exactly what the program promised... she (and her content) unlocked & helped me to articulate the audience, direction, vision, values and identity of my new business. 

Melissa has been one of the key players who have helped change the way I think about what is possible within my business, and - as a result - it is not at all hyperbolic to say that Melissa has changed my life. Thank you, Melissa!

"During our Brand Decoder Session, Melissa provided excellent insights into my target market based on her extensive experience."


Over the past few months, I've had many shifts through training provided by Melissa. I was able to get really clear on Sustainable Development goals and identify a non-profit affiliate to align my brand with.

Thanks to Melissa, I feel much more confident that I've developed a brand that supports my valuable offer.

"Mel is so generous with her time and knowledge. I'm receiving far more benefit than what I know I'm paying her. I feel as though learning about my business has become a hobby for Mel as she is so interested to ensure she captures my purpose for existing.

Through our conversations she was convinced that my lack of clarity and strategy was holding me back... and that really bit me! I don't want to be held back, so I knew I had to have this piece of work completed.


I had plenty of business on, but no clarity on where I stood in the marketplace and how to get noticed. I was very confused.
I was leveraging the fact that I had a sales conversion process and didn't need any marketing.

I'm VERY cautious who I work with. I'm hard to impress and a tough critic. I expect a lot from people and am often disappointed. Mel has been so generous with her knowledge, time and expertise, which I will forever be thankful for.

For a brand approach that will be

Bespoke Marketing & Sustainability Strategy






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