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None of us operate our businesses in a vacuum. We’re living in a time when the world is breaking – it’s crying out for us to change our ways urgently. But are we really listening? Or are we too busy looking for the usual economic life rafts to pull us out of the recession while […]



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Abraham Maslow, a psychologist, created the ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ to explain core human motivations from as early as 1943 and continued his work on this model throughout his career. The Hierarchy, while not rigidly linear, helps us understand the order in which basic to more complex human needs tend to be a focus for us.  […]

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs & Archetypes: How These Two Psychological Tools Can Build Powerful Brands


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We’ve all been a victim of it. You take a gander at a competitor or peer’s social feed and think “Wow that’s so cool, I should do something like that”. You hear about their success with a product or service launch and think “I just gotta do that too!”. That my friends, is ‘brand shiny […]

Got A Case Of Brand Shiny Object Syndrome? Here’s What To Do To Avoid The FOMO


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So you’ve probably heard a bunch about needing to create a brand personality… but what exactly does that mean? Do you just pluck some personality traits out of thin air and just run with that? Surprise: No. No you don’t. Well, I mean, you CAN… but don’t. Don’t do that. Building a brand with personality […]

WTF Are Brand Archetypes (?!) And How to Build A Cracking Brand Using Them

Brand Identity


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Designers are amazing, clever, creative people, but one thing they’re not are mind readers. One thing I’m unapologetically passionate about is that all brand owners really need to KNOW and OWN their own $h!t. That means, you have got to understand the foundational elements of your brand *before* you even think about engaging a designer. […]

Make Your Designer Love You By Including These Important Elements In Your Design Brief

Brand Identity

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What is the difference between ‘branding’ and ‘marketing’? And ‘marketing’ and ‘advertising’ for that matter? TL;DR Your brand is the STORY. Branding is the act of creating the story. Marketing is TELLING your story. Advertising is PAYING to tell your story. PR is having SOMEONE ELSE tell your story. Your brand is the story. All […]

Brand vs. Marketing – What’s the Difference Anyway?


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