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It happens pretty regularly. There’s a big buzz in online business circles about a too-good-to-be-true bundle of online courses, featuring a round up of (for example) 75 of them from various course creators across the globe. They’re packaged up and sold for the hugely discounted price of $100 (or something like that), to offer immense […]

The Dark Side Of Bundles With Big Discounts: Why They’re Bad For Both Customers And Brands


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The year is circa 1994 and I’m scraping together my pocket money into a coin purse, jamming my helmet on and jumping on my bike to ride to the local milk bar. I’ve got my sights set on a mixed lolly bag that will be sitting at the counter, ready for me. I’m crossing my […]

Why You’ll Only See Round Numbers In My Pricing And Why You Might Want To Consider It Too

Ethical Marketing

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We’ve all been a victim of it. You take a gander at a competitor or peer’s social feed and think “Wow that’s so cool, I should do something like that”. You hear about their success with a product or service launch and think “I just gotta do that too!”. That my friends, is ‘brand shiny […]

Got A Case Of Brand Shiny Object Syndrome? Here’s What To Do To Avoid The FOMO



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Put simply, brand strategy is a plan for how you will leverage your brand to drive growth in your business. Brand strategy is the insights-led, long-term roadmap for how your brand will make its most potent and meaningful impact – Me. I said that. A good brand strategy is: ⚡️ Focussed on business outcomes. Specifically, […]

What Is Brand Strategy & Why Do I Need One?


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Yes. End of post. Just kidding. But seriously, yes, every business needs a brand (and actually, already has a brand whether they focus on deliberately it or not). A strong brand is essential for standing out from the crowd (i.e. your competitors) as well as connecting and engaging with your audience. It’s what will turn […]

Does Every Business Need A Brand?


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So you’ve probably heard a bunch about needing to create a brand personality… but what exactly does that mean? Do you just pluck some personality traits out of thin air and just run with that? Surprise: No. No you don’t. Well, I mean, you CAN… but don’t. Don’t do that. Building a brand with personality […]

WTF Are Brand Archetypes (?!) And How to Build A Cracking Brand Using Them

Brand Identity

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