Brand & Marketing Strategy Guidance for purpose-driven solopreneurs.

These offerings are perfect for a business owner like you who:

Because I started as a bootstrapping solopreneur too, I totally get that budgets are tight and time is limited. I’ve created these offers to help you, using the same frameworks I use with all my clients.

Has a small, early-stage business

Is wearing all the hats while you build something great

Is looking for more budget-friendly guidance to help you

I see you, going round in circles with indecision or being paralysed and not taking action. Despite all the hard work you’ve done the pieces of the puzzle aren’t quite fitting together. Let’s sort that right out, shall we?


Getting strategy right

Our Mission is Your Success

Brand Decoder

90-minute ‘express’ strategy session with Melissa

Let's dissect that brand challenge you're having and piece it back together, together. Consider this the opportunity to float some of those ideas and inklings you've had, to help you figure out your path forward. 
Whether it's a 'permission slip' you're looking for, some ideas and direction for your next steps, or all of the above, this express strategy session is great for gaining CLARITY and ACTION.


$400 aud (incl. gst)

"She brings both discipline and fun to the process. Her tools and resources enable you to thoroughly work through your brand strategy so that you come out the other side with clarity and direction."

- Kate Patsky, Founder, PekoeBrew Tea Company

Melissa is unique. She is a brand strategist that cares deeply about ensuring you create a commercially sound business.

"I couldn't be more thrilled with the concise insight Melissa was able to offer. She was able to highlight the strengths of my brand and to suggest some concrete steps to improve. I was able to come up with a COVID-19 Marketing Strategy and I feel my brand is stronger than ever."

- Liz Gillooley, Captain, Layla Sailing

I know the feeling I want my customers to have when looking at my branding, but translating that desire into reality sometimes takes an expert's eye. 

"It was clear Melissa had taken time to really get to know me and my vision by reviewing all my content before we met. We were able to get straight down to business - Melissa had diagnosed the gaps I needed to close and had an approach and frameworks ready to go for our call."

- Louise Gibson, Strategic Transformation Consultant

We used every minute of the session productively and I quickly felt a rush of excitement and relief run over me as I realised everything was coming together!

"In our session I had few "aha, why didn't I think of that earlier?" moments which is exactly what you want from a strategy session."

- Mia Fileman, Campaign Del Mar

Every strategist needs their own strategist. It was so good to get a second opinion, especially one I value so much. Objectivity wasn't happening so there was a lotta second-guessing, overthinking and going round in circles.

"Honestly just loved bouncing thoughts with another marketing brain, it was so valuable. I have more trust in how to approach the next steps... slowly, authentically, intentionally."

- Haley Berryman, Cool Wow Collective

Mel made me feel super comfortable and I liked how it was unstructured. Can't wait to book session #2 and take things a step further.

- Louise Gibson, Strategic Transformation Consultant

Unlock Your Brand

8 Week group brand & marketing strategy group program 

For industrious solopreneurs on a mission to make a meaningful impact.


Group Program

A Whole Bunch of DIY Resources


Workbooks, Lists, Courses - oh my! Come see what goodies I've got to help get you branding and marketing more strategically.




Frucor Suntory

Ice Break
Odette & Co

Digital Nomad Girls
Secret Source
Land Solution 
Green Beacon Brewing Co

The Gram is My Jam

Brand (re)Marks

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