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Women Pivoting: Louise from Attune Wellbeing

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Louise was furloughed from her job as an architect due to COVID. She’d only recently completed her qualification and started her business on the side as a reflexologist. Quite literally, a hands-on job!

With a not-so-gentle nudge from a friend and no time to overthink or indulge her perfectionist side, Louise leaped right into online consults and hasn’t looked back.

Sometimes the unexpected is the perfect catalyst for opportunity and evolution


We talk about how being forced into the online world has actually been a catalyst to kick start her practice. It’s also presented some fascinating opportunities for her future evolution.


Check out the full interview here.


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Louise’s advice is pertinent: you will never be ready, but that’s ok, just leap anyway.

After we stopped recording, we talked a bit more about how who the mystery people are who are setting this standard for us to reach. And how it’s even more important now that more people take their leap of faith and just try what really drives them.

Brands with passionate, purpose-driven founders behind them is certainly what the world needs now.


You can find out more about Louise and her reflexology practice on Instagram as @attune_wellbeing or Facebook.

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The 90 Day Brand Plan is a DIY brand roadmap for overwhelmed solopreneurs to gain clarity, find your purpose and stop winging it.

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Women Pivoting: Louise from Attune Wellbeing