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Women Pivoting: Sophia from With Many Roots

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Sophia Cheng is a communications expert, a digital nomad who recently made the decision to head back home to the U.K. and a self-confessed newbie activist. I met Sophia through the Digital Nomad Girls Inner Circle and have seen her in action hosting Eco Talks, a regular session covering the ins and outs of the climate crisis.

Her business is With Many Roots, and her pivot has seen her shift from offering project-specific communications services, to hosting workshops for those seeking to educate themselves about climate change. Now due to COVID, Sophia has adapted the workshop model to be delivered online.


The convergence of crises we’re seeing right now is pulling us together to act


Sophia’s commitment to her work is magnetic. In talking about what appears to be her life’s work, it seems that everything is pushing her – and indeed all of us us – into this space and time to manage these converging crises of climate change and inequality.


Watch the full interview here.



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Sophia has identified the need for a strong emotional connection to the climate crisis issue, for it to have the greatest impact with individuals. This is a fundamental tenet of good branding. Certainly With Many Roots embodies in full what a values-aligned, ‘purpose-driven’ business of the future really looks like. Sophia and her partner Jayme are on a very real mission to help save the earth through empowering individuals with knowledge, in a safe and inclusive way.

After our interview, I took some time to process all the things. I hope you have a similar moment of reflection. I’m signed up to attend a Climate Collage Workshop hosted by Sophia and encourage anyone reading this to also do so. Sophia explains her pivot and her personal why in this beautifully articulate blog post if you’d like to find out more.


If you’re keen to follow along on socials, you can find With Many Roots on Instagram as @withmanyroots or Facebook.



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The 90 Day Brand Plan is a DIY brand roadmap for overwhelmed solopreneurs to gain clarity, find your purpose and stop winging it.

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Women Pivoting: Sophia from With Many Roots