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Women Pivoting: Samantha from Eumundi Fitness

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Client-centric thinking and a passion for health and fitness 


Samantha Williams, an award-winning health and fitness instructor from the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland town of Eumundi, has a very clear brand purpose that motivates her. Her mission is to provide a safe space for women, guiding them to achieve their health and fitness goals. She believes that when women are at their best, they can affect positive change in the world.


This brand purpose provided Sam with the motivation to continue to provide her group programs to her clients. So when the pandemic threatened her in-person health and fitness programs, she knew she had to move quickly. Knowing that maintaining a routine and being able to do so at home would be paramount for her clients, she sure did adapt quickly – within just 24 hours. 


Done is better than perfect


Sam had wanted to incorporate some form of online component to her health and fitness programs for some time, but it wasn’t until COVID-19 that she had the push she needed to make it happen. By keeping it simple and addressing the immediate needs of her clients, she’s been able to adapt to an online environment and provide continuity of her programs and community for her clients during isolation.

Sam’s is a story driven by her infectious passion for helping women, beyond *just* their health and fitness. She has some brilliant advice to share with other women in business looking to navigate this pandemic. I was seriously inspired by Sam and I hope you are too.


Watch the full interview here.



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Sam stayed true to her brand purpose and her clients’ changing needs AND she was realistic about how she could successfully deliver her service quickly and effectively. By keeping it simple, she’s meeting her clients’ needs, not to mention those of many overseas who wouldn’t have previously been able to access her services. Her pivot has unlocked many exciting opportunities for her business model into the future. 

You can find out more about Sam’s group programs by visiting her website here, or following on Instagram or Facebook.


If you’re stuck on whether your idea for pivoting is right for your brand and business, the 50 Prompts For Pivoting workbook might help.


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The 90 Day Brand Plan is a DIY brand roadmap for overwhelmed solopreneurs to gain clarity, find your purpose and stop winging it.

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Women Pivoting: Samantha from Eumundi Fitness