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Women Pivoting: Rhiannon from The Plant Lounge

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Toto, we’re definitely not in Kansas anymore

When the COVID-19 pandemic really started to take effect it was a scary, anxiety-inducing time for everyone. Every aspect of life has been touched by this – our health and those of our family and friends, our social life, our daily habits. For business, the realisation that everything would change drastically, quickly and would be totally out of anyone’s control, is an overwhelming one to navigate. “Pivoting” really has become the buzzword of 2020, but for many, it was pivot or die.


Pandemic-induced pivoting

As I started to see so many brave small business owners start to make their moves to change their business models, I knew I wanted to do an interview series to share some of these stories.

My hope with this interview series is not to induce any dreaded brand shiny object syndrome, but to inspire other women in business dealing with difficult and uncertain times and generally to share some positive news stories. 


Let the people have their urban jungles in isolation

My first guest is Rhiannon Campbell of The Plant Lounge, a boutique nursery located in Nundah on Brisbane’s northside. Having taken over the business only 12 months ago, Rhi is still so early in her business journey and reliant on foot traffic into her physical store, driven by her exemplary use of social media. She absolutely takes a customer-centric view of her business, and focusses her energy on nurturing quality, long term relationships with her customers – just as she nurtures her plant babies ??

Rhi’s story has the highs and lows you’d expect, but shows tenacity, resilience and an approach to risk-taking that small business owners just have to have in order to survive. 


Watch the full interview here.


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So there you have it. Rhi was able to quickly adapt to the changes COVID-19 presented her with by moving into a distribution channel she otherwise may have procrastinated on. She’s accessed new potential customers and created ongoing value for her customers with her online delivery, click and collect options and customised plant styling services.

If you’re Brisbane based, I obviously personally recommend The Plant Lounge for all your urban jungle needs. If you’re a plant lover but aren’t local to Brisbane, follow @theplantlounge for a gorgeously green feed and helpful tips for indoor plant care. 


If you like to do your research like Rhi did before making her move, but are stuck on whether your pivot is right for your brand and business, the 50 Prompts For Pivoting workbook might help.



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The 90 Day Brand Plan is a DIY brand roadmap for overwhelmed solopreneurs to gain clarity, find your purpose and stop winging it.

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Women Pivoting: Rhiannon from The Plant Lounge