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So I’ve Created My Ideal Customer Profile, Now What?

You’ve downloaded all the templates and completed a profile of your ideal customer (aka avatar, aka persona aka target audience), that is, the “person” you want to attract more of to buy from you over and over.


Great. Now what?


Well the bad news is you’re not done yet. And the good news is that you’re not done yet! Because now you get to test your hypotheses. You get to go out in search of filling in any gaps or correcting any assumptions.


And it’s this learning process that is super fun (maybe it’s just me?).


Here’s the thing… while you’re not “done”, bear in mind you might never actually be done. Your audience is an ever-evolving, ever-falling off the bandwagon, ever becoming re-inspired, ever growing human being. Which means your profile needs to adapt too.

The more you learn about them and what’s going on in their lives, the more you can understand their motivations and challenges. The more you can understand them, the better you can serve them.


Here’s what you can do next, armed with your ideal customer profile:

⚡️ Take a look at your current customers. Look into their demographics and any insights you can about them. What feedback have you received from them? Where do they live? What are their buying patterns? Who else are they following on social media? (Yeah, it can feel a bit stalkery, just don’t get creepy about it).


⚡️ Now, see if you can get any qualitative feedback from someone/s in your target (or as close to as possible). Have a coffee and a chat – just as you would with a friend.


⚡️ Ask your audience to participate in a survey. Or even just conduct a quick poll on social media. Every tiny piece of feedback from them is a tiny piece of gold you can add to make your target audience profile that much richer.


⚡️ Find out where your people are hanging out online – then go and observe them if you can. Think Facebook groups, check out Instagram hashtags, Reddit, anything of relevance, really. Observe what they’re talking about. Observe the language they’re using.


Then play that back to them – consistently – in all forms of your communications.

Keep learning about your audience. Keep adjusting your profile as your knowledge about them grows. This will well and truly help you get the most out of your customer profile / avatar / persona.

And if you haven’t already got enough templates for this to help you – here’s one I created which you can download for free



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So I’ve Created My Ideal Customer Profile, Now What?

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